POW LCD MULTI instantaneous water heaters are devices intended to supply hot water to several draw-off points such as washbasins, baths, sinks, showers etc. They are equipped with an electronic control system which guarantees high efficiency and reliability.

Additional benefits of using POW-LCD MULTI heaters are:

  • accuracy of temperature regulation up to 0,5°C within the range of 30-60 °C
  • large, easily legible LCD display
  • three memory buttons for saving most frequently chosen temperatures
  • the possibility of choosing the rated power of the heater
  • resistance to scaling of the heating elements
  • the system securing against damage caused by air bleeding
  • instant hot water
  • the possibility of supplying by pre-heated water e.g. by the solar installation
  • system reacting to mains power drops ensuring stable water temperature
  • the possibility of switching the LCD display to the diagnostic mode
  • housing structure and flexible connectors make the assembly easy
  • user-friendly device
  • Application


    Technical data

    Heater type POW LCD
    Voltage 400 V 3~
    Rated power YES YES
    Power 11/13,5/15 kW 18/21/24 kW
    Maximum current consumption 18/19,4/22,2 A 29/31/35,5 A
    Minimum cross section of power supply cables 4 × 2,5 mm2 4 × 6 mm2
    Heating capacity at 40°C temperature rise 3,9 / 4,8 / 5,4 l/min 6,6 / 7,6 / 8,7 l/min
    Operating pressure range 0,1 – 0,6 MPa
    Maximum feed water temperature/td> 60°C
    IP rating IP 24
    Energy efficiency class A
    Product Information in accordance with delegated regulation (EU) No 812/2013 Product card Product card
    Label Label Label